Creatometry soft-launches Atomic Playrooms, by FunnerThan Furniture

Posted by Shopify on November 15, 2011 0 Comments

Since the first weekend in September of 2011, blogs and friends of Creatometry have been excited about our upcoming product launch of a furniture line to compliment our consulting and design services.  Although our designs have been featured in the New York Times, on the ABC, Nightline, Wall Street Journal and Daily Mail sites among others, the MoMA recognition and well over 20,000 tumbles were even sweeter.

But now, for the first time offered online, there are several of our now-famous sculptural furniture designs available for purchase.  Thanks for visiting our site, and for making this Atomic Playrooms line all possible.  Long live fun design, and the fascination with mecha/droid/automatons and flying vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  We love this stuff!  If you do too, or know someone who does, share it with them!  We don't wear mouse ears so we can't imagineer, but we at FunnerThan Furniture are the world's top practitioners of creatometry.

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