FunnerThan Furniture Brands are whimsical sculptural solutions to combat the more humorless lines of youth and young-at-heart furniture available today.  We often encountered furniture supposedly for kids that looked like someone put the room of a grandparent or a chairman of the board under a shrink ray and served it up as appropriate.  While this may be an auspicious way to feel "fancy" about a child's prospects, it is certainly not very "fanci-ful".  We at Creatometry value that joyful and inquisitive characteristic very highly, and believe that learning and exploration will best follow if one is imaginative and full of life.

With our official launch in January of 2012, we offer Atomic Playrooms - an initial line of science and space oriented sculptural interactive shelves.  They are sized with bays to fit everything from the largest picture books to small curios and multimedia, with numerous openings in decks and walls for use as a play environment for action figures and dolls.  Yes we love Science Fiction about as much as anything, and if you do or know someone who does, this is your opportunity to get as close to a real android or aerospace item from the drafting board into the room as it gets.

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The Creatometry / FunnerThan Furniture team