Policies + Contact Info

Contact Atomic Playrooms / FunnerThan Furniture Sales or Services:

Mailing address:  Atomic Playrooms, 501 Ethel Street; Atlanta, GA 30318

E-mail Contact:  creatometry(at)gmail.com

Phone Contact:  (four zero four) 550.8399

Atomic Playrooms / FunnerThan Furniture Privacy Policy

FunnerThan may keep your name, e-mail and purchase history on file but will never sell or distribute your information to any third party.  We may send you information about new product introductions and sales or marketing, but you may opt out at any time by contacting us at the above address.

Atomic Playrooms / FunnerThan Furniture Return Policy:

Return any Atomic Playrooms or FunnerThan product to us within 30 days in original cartons undamaged, for a full no-questions refund.  (Shipping and handling not refundable unless applicable)

Atomic Playrooms / FunnerThan Furniture Quality Guarantee:

All engineered wood products have a much higher level of perfection than other wood or ply natural forest products, and for this reason, during manufacture it is common for these extremely pristine parts to touch surfaces.  Therefore, slight machining and handling may be evident.  We are a small company making unique and challenging parts, and we are doing the best we can to get all parts to you in perfect condition; however, if you feel that the quality of a part you receive has been compromised to the point of concern, or if you receive an item that is damaged, missing parts, or defective, we will replace the part at no cost to you.  If you receive an item that is damaged or missing parts, please retain the packaging and contact us at 404.550.8399 or creatometry@gmail.com for further instructions.

Atomic Playrooms / FunnerThan Furniture Mission Statement:

We know Atomic Playrooms and FunnerThan Furniture will never be the biggest source, or cheapest supplier of sculptural furniture.  We are a design-driven, unique boutique and if we're the Porsche or even Maserati in the life of our playful clients, that is enough.  We pledge to keep our designs striking and original; our demanding customers will seek us out.